San Francisco JACL Chapter Calls for Peaceful Action

San Francisco JACL Chapter Calls for Peaceful Action

August 22, 2017 Press Release

Contact: Judy Hamaguchi, President-San Francisco JACL

In light of the recent hate rally and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, the San Francisco Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League (“SF JACL”), the oldest and largest national Asian American Civil Rights organization, rejects and condemns all organizations identifying as Nazi, neo-Nazi, white supremacist, racist, fascist, anti-Semitic, homophobic or any other identity where the organization promotes hate, racism, discrimination or civil rights violations as part of its philosophy. SF JACL encourages all people to speak out against and use appropriate means to prevent these organizations’ efforts promoting hate, intimidation and civil rights violations against individuals that they designate in their messages based on race or ethnicity. To counteract these messages of hate, intimidation and discrimination, SF JACL encourages all people and organizations to organize their own actions that promote messages of love, inclusion and respect for the civil liberties of one and all.

An application for a First Amendment permit has been filed with the National Parks Service, the federal agency with official jurisdiction over Crissy Field in San Francisco, for a “free speech” rally this Saturday, August 26. Recognizing that freedom of speech is a civil liberty that cannot be denied based solely on the content of the speech, who is speaking, the fear of violence or if the potential for violence exists, the SF JACL calls on the United States Park Police, the San Francisco Police Department and all other law enforcement agencies to ensure the public’s safety by doing what is needed to prevent violent activity at any permitted event. We also ask that opposition to rally organizers be expressed peacefully and that violence or the intent to incite violence not be used to express opposition to the objectives of the “free speech” rally or against any supporters of the “free speech” rally in attendance.

If anyone in San Francisco has any questions about the “free speech” rally or how to express your opposition to such events or its organizers, please contact the SF JACL by email at or through our Facebook page at

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